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CLOSER the business development consultancy.



We facilitate introductions between parties, whether that is connecting our clients to UHNWI buyers or establishing international trade and partnerships.

We understand that there are no off-the-shelf solutions and a more personalised approach is needed to deal with matters. Our extensive range of contacts enable us to co-ordinate the best strategy to work with you. 

Closer offers a service that has built its reputation on understanding the needs of high net worth clients and responding to them effectively, and discreetly. 

Our confidential services are based on complete trust and discretion ensuring the deepest privacy to our clients, who wish their affairs remain anonymous.

We offer a service that is incredibly discreet. We can act as your private fixer, or broker, ensuring everything remains strictly confidential, and within the framework of national and international law.


When a company needs a proactive business development and sales director on staff but isn’t yet ready to make a full-time hire, a consultant is the ideal solution.

Our signature offer will give you strategy and support in your back pocket.

A custom package will be created in conjunction with you to oversee your business development and sales efforts, acting as an extension of your staff.

This includes reporting so that, as your partner, you can keep track of progress at every stage.

This option is ideal for businesses that require consistent BD support as well as add-on agency packages to manage your corporate sales or personal brand. 

Retainers are on a monthly rolling agreement.

A minimum agreement of three months is recommended.


Closer Consultancy also offer some services on a “pay-as-we-close” or deals closed basis. Our confidential services includes managing off-market high ticket sales and engagements. As an international broker we are able to connect the dots. In the world of the successful nothing is impossible, it just depends on what your budget is.

With a deals closed option, clients are billed only for business that has been closed — commission % of total value will be paid. Meaning you only pay a success fee, when there is something to show for it. 

Our private broker consultancy services are aimed at luxury products, experiences, and investments for ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI), VIPs and C-level executives.

We represent a number of foreign investors, private banks and families with substantial funds in trust. Where discretion is paramount, our focus is to ensure total privacy for individuals and organisations at all times.

Note: Business value must be 6-figures plus.


Bringing Closer on board is ideal when you have a new project or product to launch.

We specialise in capitalising on market trends, sales strategy and acquiring new business. Offering bespoke business development, and deal broking to businesses based in the UK and Gulf countries. 

Our extensive experience and range of contacts enable us first to source and then co-ordinate the best professional team to work for you. 

We are skilled at engaging with large complex commercial negotiations and selling a broad portfolio of products at C-level.

Closer are able to build and manage a growing a portfolio of key client accounts, nurturing relationships that create further opportunities.

We serve as a link between businesses and their partners. Our mission is to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances, focused on all aspects of developing routes to market.


We are often approached by businesses interested in our done-for-you services, who we feel need to get strong foundations in place before being market ready. For example – the USPs/key messages may not be clear, there might not be a marketing strategy, or the brand assets may not be strong enough to make an impactful impression. In these cases, Closer suggests scheduling a consultation, the cost of which will be deducted from any of our packages if you decide to continue working with us.

It gives founders the chance to discuss their brand aspirations, have experts in the field evaluate their position in the market, and receive top-level ideas for accelerating growth or streamlining processes.

We offer the kind of advice that has given businesses the power to pack a punch. Often talking Founders out of paying for services that aren’t right for them at this time. Instead, suggesting tactics that will help build strong foundations, and support the creation of an efficient business plan.


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