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Pay As We Close Retainer Services | Closer Consultancy | Digital Business Consulting Agency | Liverpool


Welcome to my signature business development director experience; I’m here to help you win bigger deals, corporate clients, and land meetings with high-ranking decision makers.

My entire business has grown as a result of networking through LinkedIn! Now I work with multi-national corporations, the world’s hottest startups, and high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them expand their businesses.

Requests for business assistance, functioning as an in-house member of your team, have been a recurring theme. My support packages will be designed to assist your business in reaching its greatest potential.

It’s finally here. Business Development support for service-based business. Acting as an extension of your team a bespoke package will be designed in collaboration with you to lead your business development and sales efforts.

I understand. It's difficult when you've been doing everything yourself, but you're ready to bring someone in.

I’m all about building a personal brand that attracts amazing clients, creates brand advocates, and accelerates your personal growth. Closer is my business consultancy, and I spend my time winning business for my clients and for the agency side of the business. 

I believe in human-centered, organic marketing that produces the results you need to grow your business and increase profits.

I love building loads of genuine relationships with decision makers – and I hit targets!

My clients are located in 11 countries around the world, and I’ve assisted those Founders, Executives, and CEOs with sales and business growth strategies.

Bring us in on a monthly rolling retainer to help you in-house.

One Off Projects | Retainer Services | Closer Consultancy | Liverpool + London

If you’re the type of person that:

– Is involved in, or wants to be involved in, the B2B sector – For corporate sales, my business support is ideal

– Needs additional clients – You want to make more money on a recurring basis

– Loves social media – I believe in genuinely networking and developing a personal brand that is authentic and true to you

– Wants to MASTER bringing in major sales – I specialise in high-ticket sales, and LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3x greater than other major platforms

– Needs to brush up on their marketing and personal branding skills – In 2021, LinkedIn was rated the most trustworthy network

– Has decided that now is the time to advance as a business owner – Four out of every five LinkedIn members are in charge of making business decisions at their organisations

So, if you’re still not using the platform to make sales, you’re losing out! BIG TIME.



– Weekly 60-minute 1:1 sessions

– Whatsapp/email support available during office hours

– Unlimited assessments of documents and plans related to business development, sales, and marketing strategy

– Business growth, sales strategy, and planning accountability partner

– Creating business development plans

– Defining customer and market segments and designing and executing plans 

– Assisting in the identification of new clients and markets, development of new methods, the identification of opportunities, and production of proposals

– Support and accountability to scale up and enter new markets

– Feedback is provided on a regular basis to help you improve your ideas and concepts

Power Hour | Closer Consultancy Services | London + Liverpool


To begin, we learn all we can about you and your business, including your pain spots, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.

We'll ask you about your unique selling points, industry trends, present market, and competition.

We will go through the subtleties, strengths, tone of voice, and buyer persona groupings during the first week.

We will share our toolkit and user guide to make running your business online a breeze!


If necessary, we will revamp your online platforms and coach you on personal branding and the most efficient ways to position yourself to stand out.

Your social profiles will also appear towards the top of a Google search for your name, so make them good.

We think that creating your personal brand is critical since individuals have ten times the reach of a company brand.


A great personal brand is about expressing your narrative in a way that attracts, engages, and educates your target audience at each point of the buyer experience.

Content strategy, development, and maintenance are critical to generating constant inbound leads on LinkedIn and staying top of mind.

This isn't about quick wins; you receive what you put in! We know what sales copy works since our in-house copywriters do it every week for some of our amazing clients.


Excellent sales processes that attracts your ideal consumers is never a mistake. When both inbound and outbound strategies are used, your conversion rate for new business increases significantly.

You'll get hands-on training in setting up your CRM for sales pipeline success and how to get the most out of it, using LinkedIn sales navigator and the power of advanced searching tools, automation, and setting up your pipeline and outreach sequences to get 10x results without sounding like a robot (this is where the organic step in our secret method comes in)


Your company BD strategy should be in line with your overall business objectives.

We'll be there for you every step of the way, assisting you in pursuing new prospects, cultivating partnerships, negotiating commercial agreements, and identifying new markets.

Our focus is on sustainable growth for our clients, as well as assisting them to making informed decisions.

We will take the lead in developing proposals, content, and new marketing materials. Identifying trends and client needs, and developing a short/medium/long-term sales funnel to meet financial targets.


Dedicated monitoring and refining of your strategy and process.

This will include ongoing monitoring, weekly Zoom sessions, and WhatsApp support to ensure you are on track.

Time will be devoted to dealing with the decisions and issues you're encountering in a supportive environment where we'll break down the hurdles to your success.

Because our clients cherish their privacy, they all sign NDAs, ensuring complete confidentiality.


We are experts in international business development, and many of our satisfied clients return each month to use our done-for-you services.

We work in a various industries and have over 12 years of corporate and enterprise sales knowledge.

We put new startups, independent contractors, coaches, and specialists in front of big businesses where they can work with their first corporate clients.

We partner with our clients while they work on projects all across the world and close multi-million dollar agreements.


Start levelling up by taking the first step!

A monthly investment of £650 + VAT is required.

A minimum agreement of three months is recommended.

Our in-house support is completely customised to your needs; the above is just one example of the areas in which we may assist you.

We will build a proposal with your goals and outcomes in mind, depending on how we want to work together.


A path to success that is both sustainable and scalable, with the systems and framework in place to continuously acquire new business and deliver exceptional after-sales service. I’m all about expanding your business’s revenue streams and bringing your growth to the next level.

We will be available to help you make strategic decisions and serve as a sounding board.

We think that having a positive, solution-oriented approach is critical, and will help you with the tools you need to grow your business.

How serious are you about winning high ticket clients?

Signature business development director.